This week I finished making blocks for my string quilt. Now I have 169 5.5″ unfinished blocks. Arranging these blocks is intimidating in a way that quilt blocks usually aren’t for me. The variation of colors in each individual block makes it’s placement more difficult than if each block was monochromatic. But therein lies my own personal challenge in almost every quilt I make, to use only the blocks that are already finished. I am not making any more or changing the ones I have. Unless I ABSOLUTELY have to. Hopefully over the next several days I will be able to tame and groom them into something that does not look like I threw a box of crayons on the wall.

Notice the green Croc on the floor. Apparently I was so focused on the quilt I didn’t realize I had one shoe on. This is why it is good that I work from home – I can wear Crocs and no one cares if I just wear one at a time.

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2 Responses to Well….Hmmmm….

  1. Megan says:

    I really like how this is coming together! I find the extra color variation to be very exciting, visually. Which is to say, “like a box of crayons thrown on the wall” is a good thing. :)

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